A CAT WOMEN'S DESIRE Craving for his Touch

A CAT WOMEN’S DESIRE Craving for his Touch

By CAT_WOMENS_SECRET_DESIRES_CravingforhistouchAmy Clifford-LeBaron

Book 2

The whistling of the boiling kettle jolted Octavia out of her day dream.

Darn it! She was thinking about the jackass again.

Bolting for the kitchen at a run, she quickly put the kettle off and started to make coffee. Her actions were automatic and fast as she had gone through this routine a thousand times every morning.

Sipping on the coffee, she gave a blissful sigh. It was just the way she liked it; straight with no sugar or milk. She went back to the living room and sat on the chair. She still had the morning lag, and right now, she felt like diving right back into bed and sleeping the day off. How she wished.

Looking at the clock on the mantel piece, she knew such luxury could not be afforded; it was 6:07 a.m. and the café opens by 7:30 a.m. she had barely an hour to get it together and move. That was the problem, she really didn’t want to. What she would like to do is get back in bed and continue with the dream she was having before the alarm rudely interrupted at 5:30 a.m.

Her dream had been centred on a man with blond crew cut, brown eyes, lean muscles and a characteristically rude attitude. Try as she may, she just couldn’t bring herself to forget about the crazy sex she had in the darkness of a sofa corner in the club where she played Cat woman every three weeks.

Way to go, Octavia Holland, your plan back fired and now you got burnt.” She murmured to herself.

Her lips quirked up in a mocking smile. Who would have thought that when she saw the chance to repay the asshole for being rude to her that he would take control of the situation and make her go wild? When she saw him seated so calmly and close to the stage where she performed, all she could thought of was playing her catty pranks on him and giving her audience a laugh or two at his expense.

Instead they had both set the den on fire with their wild sex. Not that anybody had really seen them; the sofa was set in the shadows and each plush sofa was positioned a private distance from other sofa. Yet she knew everyone in the den that night knew that Cat woman had it rough with one of the clients. Not that anyone minded. They just envied the lucky son of a bitch who the Cat woman deemed worthy of her special favours.

However, bestowing Henry whatever with her favours was far from her mind when she deliberately approached him and started her little strip tease. In the end, the situation had quickly spiralled out of her control. The annoying man had grabbed her and did things to her body she hadn’t dreamed of. She had felt things she didn’t know she was capable of feeling. Her body came alive for him and she had lost her mind too.

Now both her body and mind would not let her forget.

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