The Association – The African Clan

The_African_ClanFinally Amy Clifford-LeBaron finished the long awaited sequel of the adventures of Bridget, Maura and Leslie.

Introducing THE ASSOCIATION – The African Clan

Four years ago, The Association was turned upside down by a professor for whom control was an elixir but these women don’t stay down for long. They picked up the pieces of their life and went ahead to paint another picture. Life was fine, until one fateful night, a call from Leslie changed the newly existing narrative.

This is the story of strong women; Bridget, Maura and Leslie. It is one of strings of sisterhood that transcend geography and time and how the singular actions of one can cause a ripple effect in the life of others.

For Bridget, it feels like a journey into time past when Kura, a leader of an African clan, the shower clan plots to usurp the authority of The Association, starting with converting their recruits.

It is even more disturbing because Kura doesn’t take the conventional route. Now, Bridget finds herself away from home. She has to save Leslie and preserve the integrity of The Association. And she is but one person.

Meanwhile back home, her partner Maura rounds up their most potent weapon: their human resources to find answers. They’re in different cities but the cause being championed is the same.

Kura meets Bridget and therein begins a face-off between two strong women on opposite sides of the divide. There is respect even though affection is absent.

Kura is power hungry and doesn’t mind how she gets it. A dangerous way presented itself to Kura when Leslie dug and unearthed more than she bargained for. For Kura to actualise her dream of absolute power through this means, she needs another Alpha. And she chose Bridget.

On the other end, Maura and her team have answers and are on their way to London. Will they make it in time to make a difference?

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